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Episode 2 HRTech Collaboration News Channel

Your Weekly Dish on Build, Buy, or Partner in HR Technology with Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration Channel

Welcome to the all new HR Tech Collaboration News Channel podcast on TotalPicture. I'm your host, Peter Clayton.  With me is Ward Christman and Larry Cummings.

Join us weekly on the HR Tech Collaboration News Channel - a Podcast where we review the most interesting trade shows, talent movements, M&A and Investor Deals, and dig into HR industry's daily dilemma - do we Build, Buy or Partner? And, of course, the buzz this week is all about the Buy side - Recruit buying Glassdoor for 1.2 billion in CASH. Nice. More about that later. But first...

The HR Tech Collaboration News Channel is produced by HR Tech Advisor & TotalPicture Media... Now, here's a little bit about us.

Ward Christman is HR Tech Advisor's Chief Advisor - with a 26 year career building various HR tech companies from job boards to ATSs, he's a techie at heart but passionate about building great partnerships between HR Tech companies.

Larry Cummings is the Chief Connector - Harmonizing HR Technologies and vendor collaboration. Larry Curates and marinades market intelligence to assure deal-flow for all HRTechAlliances allies --  making client collaborative resources more visible!

Peter Clayton - I started my podcast, TotalPicture,  in 2005 - pre-iPhone, pre- anyone knowing what a podcast was. I'm senior Producer/Director at  TotalPicture Media, a production boutique focused on the Future of Work. My expertise is in video and podcast production. I attend many premier industry conferences throughout the year, and partner with event producers, sponsors and exhibitors to create compelling, world-class content.

Mid May and we are definitely in show mode.. For real!
HR Shows
PC: Larry, where have you been and where are you headed off to?
LC: HR shows - ones we did and upcoming shows (according to HRmarketer's list)
New tech - vendor names, startup competitions
Shows supporting collaboration


Moving on to a Key element of the HR Tech Alliance Podcast: Should you Build, Buy, or Partner?

Build, Buy or Partner
LC: Build, Buy or Partner? (SWWC)
Build - new product releases (press releases) or major enhancements
Buy - notable investments, M&A
Partner - most interesting news on who partnered with whom
Job Changes & Promotions
WC: Job changes & promotions - focus on indirect sales (alliances & partnerships)
PC: Here's what's been Trending in HR the past week according to HRMarketer Insights: Recruitment Advertising, Contingent Workforce, college recruiting, training technology, unemployment
PC: Here HRmarketer's most popular topics over the past week: AI, Machine Learning, healthcare, unemployment, mentoring,
Mark Willaman on TPict

What are you reading?

Larry: Research
PC: How Women Rise - Sally Helgesen/Marshall Goldsmith
The Meaning Revolution - Fred Kofman is advisor, Leadership Development at Google . Prior to joining Google in April of this year, Fred was VP of Executive Development at LinkedIn.
Powered By Storytelling -- Murray Nossel



Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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