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HR Tech Collaboration News Weekly - Episode 5

Conferences, Pre-Show Plan, Focus on the Build side of "Build, Buy, or Partner?"


Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interview
HRTech Collaboration News

There's always something happening in HR Tech. And as June rolls in, the Conferences keep rolling on!

This week, the IABC is hosing it's annual conference in beautiful Montreal - Cornerstone is in San Diego for their User Conference - Navigating the Future; Predictive Analytics World (PAW) is in Las Vegas, The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) Annual Conference is in Nashville, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) - Safety Professional Development Conference & Exposition is in San Antonio - Carmen Hudson and our friends at Recruiting Toolbox are in Seattle for Talent42; Americas SAP Users Group - SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Conference is in Orlando  (I could keep talking for another 20 minutes and we'd still be on the first week of June.) All of the above thanks to HRmarketer - I'll mention 2 more -National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) National Meeting & Exposition is in New Orleans this week. The Conference Board - 2nd Annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference is in New York City June 7-8

Welcome to Episode 5 of the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast AKA BBOP (Build, Buy, or Partner?) on TotalPicture. Featuring the 3 C's - Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, and I'm your host, Peter Clayton.  Join us weekly on HR Tech Collaboration News - a Podcast where we review the most interesting trade shows, talent movements, M&A and Investor Deals, and dig into HR industry's daily dilemma - do we "Build, Buy or Partner?"

The HR Tech Collaboration Channel is produced by HR Tech Advisor & TotalPicture Media... Now, here's a little bit about us.

Ward Christman is HR Tech Advisor's Chief Advisor - with a 26 year career building various HR tech companies from job boards to ATSs, he's a techie at heart but passionate about building great partnerships between HR Tech companies.

Larry Cummings is the Chief Connector - Harmonizing HR Technology vendor collaboration. Larry curates HR Tech Intel to assure deal-flow for all @HRTechAlliances allies making  collaborative resources more visible!

Peter Clayton - I started my podcast, TotalPicture,  in 2005 - pre-iPhone, pre- anyone knowing what a podcast was. I'm senior Producer/Director at  TotalPicture Media, a production boutique focused on the Future of Work. My expertise is in video and podcast production. I attend many premier industry conferences throughout the year, and partner with event producers, sponsors and exhibitors to create compelling, world-class content.

Last week, Larry and I interviewed Sandra Basiri, Conference producer of the HR Tech Summit in Toronto June 26-27 I'd like to play a quick excerpt from the interview (pay for play)

Larry: And of course you know as we were we started our conversation I mentioned that the best people they'd all say the same and part of it what I was alluding to is this all too often the person in your position is actually swayed by the salespeople to give a spot to a presentation to a vendor exec, the CEO of a person that is spending a few thousand dollars for a booth. Does that ever happen and do you ever succumb to that that persuasion of the Almighty Canadian dollar?

Sandra: It happens all the time and we joke about it with my sales team here. We kind of have a love hate relationship before we try to meet in the middle and so just to give you a little bit of background actually before I joined Key Media I worked for another conference production company and I was actually their Sponsor account manager. So I've been in that role. I know how it is and how important it is to get that sponsorship support. And I've also been a conference of producers so you know it's sponsorship versus content and it can be a very difficult position to be in but how we do it here and what has been working very well is I connect with each and every sponsor who has a speaking role as part of their package and I make sure to work with them that I want to position them for success because at the end of the day company whose sponsoring and getting on the stage they want they want to be presented as a thought leader and want to have good return on investment. At the end of the day they want people to like their presentation. So I would say 95 percent of the understand that in that context is important so they will listen to my suggestions and I will give them multiple suggestions that come from my research. I'll give them options that they can work with. I'll go on their website. I will learn about their different research papers that they have done to see if they resonate with what our audience wants to hear so we will work together and we will with it build up presentation to make sure that I'm happy from a content perspective they're are happy from a sponsorship perspective but they're also happy from speaking perspective. Sometimes can be hard to kind of not navigate that balance but it can be done. We are doing it here and I believe that kind of the winning strategy when it comes to navigating the sort of partnerships.

Moving on to a Key element of the HR Tech Alliance Podcast: Should you Build, Buy, or Partner? Ward? Build, Buy or Partner

1. Build - new product releases (press releases) or major enhancements
2. Buy - notable investments, M&A
3. Partner - most interesting news on who partnered with whom

Job Changes & Promotions Ward: Job changes & promotions - focus on indirect sales (alliances & partnerships.

Peter: Here's what we're reading - Born to Build

Thanks for tuning in to the all new HR Tech Collaboration Podcast on TotalPicture, featuring Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and me Your host, Peter Clayton. Comments are welcome here on our show page. Please sign up for our free newsletter - You can subscribe to TotalPicture on iTunes, Google Play TuneIn, Overcast, Stitcher or your favorite podcatching service - and join the conversation on our TotalPicture Facebook Group. You'll find me on Twitter @peterclayton. Connect with Larry @Chief_Connector and Ward @HRTechAdvisor.


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Peter Clayton

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Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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