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Chatbots, AI, Machine Learning. Karen HR, A Cognitive Recruiting Assistant

Noel Webb the CEO of Toronto Based Karen HR Goes Deep Learning on Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and the Candidate Experience

Noel Webb, CEO Karen HR TotalPicture interviewNoel Webb.

Last year I met my guest on the TotalPicture Podcast, Noel Webb, at TATech, and thought, 'wow this guy is really interesting, I should get him on TotalPicture.' Thanks to a little intervention from my friends at Red Branch Media, that is now happening!

Noel Webb is the CEO & Co-Founder of Karen HR, a Cognitive Recruiting Assistant for recruiters and candidates alike. A veteran of business development and out-of-the-box thinking, Noel has been a leader in his roles over the years for several companies, including Bam Digital, SpeakFeel and Agnition. During his career as a technology leader, Noel has developed a passion for products and innovations and has been the driving force behind products such as: OOLYO, Tech & Design and TeamHQ. In addition, Noel has been a strategic advisor for high profile clients such as Torstar Digital, Syngenta, Toyota and Modis and helped them to build a product-driven approach to business.

Welcome to a HR Technology Channel podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host, Peter Clayton. And joining me from Toronto is Noel Webb. Noel, great to have you on the show.


Recruiters were terrified that Video Interviewing would take their jobs (hence the slow adoption), they're even more convinced that AI, and specifically Chatbots, will take their jobs. What's your response?

Tell us about the name of your company, Karen HR - who's Karen?

Why did you decide to focus on HR Tech?

Is a chatbot? How does it work?

You call Karen a Cognitive Recruiting Assistant - can you unpack that for us?

When I was UNLEASH America a couple of weeks ago, I filmed an interview with Maren Hogan, the CEO of Red Branch Media. She was telling me  that millennials would rather talk to a chatbot than to a human when it comes to initial contact with a company regarding job openings. I would guess the research she was discussing came from you. What can you tell us?

As you know Noel, every conference in the HR tech space has at least one presentation and panel discussion regarding AI and Machine Learning - in fact those terms, along with NLP are often used in the same sentence. What's the difference between AI and Machine Learning? Are they basically the same thing?

Let's talk about my friends' Larry and Ward's favorite topic. Integration. Does Karen HR integrate with a company's ATS?

What's in your product roadmap?

Do you have venture backing?

Stay tuned.. Our interview with Noel Webb will air today!

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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