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Episode 9 - HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast

In this Edition of BBOP: HR Tech Summit Toronto Recap, HRTechTank, Las Vegas Mystery Event, Sarah Brennan & William Tincup, PeopleSpheres and TheCandEs

Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

Welcome boys and girls! HR Tech geeks, innovators, incubators, recruiters, sourcers, angels, VCs, vendors, start-ups, exhibitors, conference producers, optimists, pessimists, and a special shout-out and big thumbs UP to Canadian friends. Once again you've tripped-over the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast, AKA BBOP (Build Buy or Partner?) Featuring the 3 C's: Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and Peter Clayton.

Join us weekly on HR Tech Collaboration News - a Podcast where we review the most interesting trade shows, talent movements, M&A and Investor Deals, and dig into HR industry's daily dilemma - do we Build, Buy or Partner?

The HR Tech Collaboration Channel is produced by TotalPicture Media and HR Tech Advisor.

Last week the three C's (Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and Peter Clayton), were in Toronto for HR Tech Summit, produced by Key Media. We have lots of interesting updates and tidbits to report. The Collaboration Zone at the HR Tech Summit hosted by Larry and Ward and sponsored by HR Tech Alliance was humming - and I'll let you in on a little secret - there were a couple of roundtable discussions organized by Brad Sutton from GSV (Global Silicon Valley), featuring Sarah Brenner and William Tincup - and the conversation centered around how HR tech Startups can work with influencers and analysts. It was amazing conversation. And later this week I will have the three of them on the TotalPicture Podcast for a repeat performance. You won't want to miss it. If you know Sarah and you know William you know it will be no holds barred, no punches pulled, and no bullshit. Would you like a preview? Here's an audio excerpt from a Skype video with Sarah I produced prior to the conference.

Peter Clayton: The whole video interviewing thing. It's amazing how that sort of, has shaken out because for so many years companies were terrified of using it for EEOC reasons, right?

Sarah Brennan: "That's not why. That's not why at all. I did a number of research studies on that and why people weren't using it. They were privately funded by the different investors and vendors in that space and were never published. The number one reason we got push-back and we heard companies say they were pushing back because they were afraid it was going to take their jobs away. Recruiters were intimidated by it."

Check out the sidebar to watch the video >>>

So let's talk about Sin City - Las Vegas for a minute. How about Las Vegas in September, say the week of oohhhh... September 10th? I can tell you things related to HR Technology are being planned. A venue has been booked, and ideas are getting marinated. Collaboration and Openness is the name of this game, no dice need to be rolled, and no hall monitors will be present. This will be about relationships and community and sharing. Stay Tuned.  There will be no assholes behind curtains. Things are still a little sketchy but this will definitely happen. A well known Italian restaurant is involved.

Alright Ward and Larry, what are some of your takeaways from our time in Toronto?

There's one upcoming show both Ward and I will be attending on July 12th. HR TechTank in New York City at the Met Life Building right behind Grand Central. Ward, I know you'll be leading a HR Tech Alliances panel discussion so give us a preview of this event.

It's time for Build, Buy or Partner - BBOP - what's going on guys?

Ward, and news regarding promotions and new hires?

Teresa Thieme - VP Business Development at SAP SuccessFactors (was VP Corporate Development)

Antoine Rey - Chief Sales & Mktg Officer at Venga Global (was VP Worldwide Sales and BizDev)

Tori Brown - CEO at ComplianceHR (was President)

Glenn Manko - Asso. VP, Customer Experience at Phenom People (was Sr Dir of Customer Success)

Philip Van Leeuwen - Channel Biz Dev Dir at Textkernel (was Partner Manager)

David Solot - Caliper Analytics Product Mgr at Caliper (was VP Client Services)

Kunal Thukral - VP at TrustSphere (was Dir - Strategy & Alliances)

Sally Peine - Business Performance Advisor at Insperity (was Biz Dev Mgr at The McDowell Agency; Dir of Strategic Partnerships at Orange Tree Employment Screening)

Vartan Hagopian - Head of Sales - Workforce Planning & Analytics & Global BizDev at PeopleFluent (was Sr VP of Sales at JazzHR)

Ryan Bergstrom - Chief Product Officer at Paycor (was Prod Mgmt at Ultimate Software)

Jaime Carder - Customer Success Manager at Glint (was Sr. Program Manager at IBM Smarter Workforce

Mate Palicz - Biz Dev Lead at StatusApp and at ShiwaForce.com (was Sr Exec Dir - Europe & US at HRN)

Derek Zeller - Dir, Recruiting Sol'ns and Channels at Engage Talent (was Advisory Board Member; Sr. Recruiting Lead at comScore Inc.; Managing Contributor at RecruitingDaily.com)

Giulia Cian Seren - CMO at Energy Premier; Founder at Juicy Pickles (was Int'l Acct Mgr at Jobbatical)

Bud Smith - ???????? (was Sr Dir - Strategic Global System Integrators at MuleSoft)

Now, here's a little bit about the Three C's

Ward Christman is HR Tech Advisor's Chief Advisor - with a 26 year career building various HR tech companies from job boards to ATSs, he's a techie at heart but passionate about building great partnerships between HR Tech companies.

Larry Cummings is the Chief Connector - Harmonizing #HRTech vendor #collaboration. Larry Curates and marinates Intel to assure deal-flow for all @HRTechAlliances allies making YOUR collaborative resources more visible!

Peter Clayton - I started my podcast, TotalPicture,  in 2005 - pre-iPhone, pre- anyone knowing what a podcast was. I'm senior Producer/Director at  TotalPicture Media, a production boutique focused on the Future of Work. My expertise is in video and podcast production. I attend many premier industry conferences throughout the year, and partner with event producers, sponsors and exhibitors to create compelling, world-class content.



Thanks for tuning in to the all new HR Tech Collaboration Podcast on TotalPicture, featuring Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and me Your host, Peter Clayton. Comments are welcome on our show page in the the new HR Tech Collaboration Channel of totalpicture.com. Please sign up for our free newsletter - You can subscribe to TotalPicture on iTunes, Google Play TuneIn, Overcast, Stitcher or your favorite podcatching service - and join the conversation on our TotalPicture Radio Facebook Group. You'll find me on Twitter @peterclayton. Connect with Larry @Chief_Connector and Ward @HRTechAdvisor.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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