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Episode #13 HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast - Nashville Edition

This week: Jobg8, Job Boards, Julia Qui, 400 Billion, CLO Leadership Summit, Isabelle Kent, Talent Board Candidate Experience Symposium & Awards Gala, HRMI Las Vegas, TATech NOLA, UNLEASH Amsterdam, WOBI NYC and Much More!

Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

"Larger enterprises are finally waking up, realizing that their younger, more nimble startup counterparts are innovating. And, unsurprisingly, they're approaching the HR tech ecosystem with an eat or be eaten' mentality. This typical 'old meets new and subsequently acquires to stay relevant' narrative arc is not the only reason I think we're now due to see more HR tech acquisitions than ever before." Julia Qiu

That's a quote from a Venture Beat article by Julia Qiu - more on that later. Yes, boys and girls it's time for episode 13 of #BBOP - Build Buy or Partner, officially known as the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast. Featuring the 3 C's: Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and me, your host and podcast protagonist, Peter Clayton.

Join us weekly on HR Tech Collaboration News - a Podcast where we review the most interesting trade shows, talent movements, M&A and Investor Deals, and dig into HR industry's daily dilemma - do we Build, Buy or Partner? The HR Tech Collaboration Channel is produced by TotalPicture Media and HR Tech Advisor.

Thank you Waylon! Yes our Chief Connector was in Nashville for Jobg8 which in my book has the screwiest URL ever concocted for any conference (job g the number 8 dot com - really? someone thought that was a good idea?). Waylon's song, Nashville Rebel, would be more appropriate for me or Ward than Larry, because, after all, he IS the Chief Connector, Conference Concierge supreme, extravert on the show floor and in real life. Welcome Practitioners, HR Directors, analysts, talent acquisition specialists, Job Boarders, the @JobBoardDoctor, coders, Investors, HR Tech geeks, innovators, incubators, recruiters, sourcers, angels, VCs, vendors, chatbots, startups, exhibitors, conference producers, optimists, pessimists, and a special shout-out to... who, Larry?

And I'll give a special shout-out to Julia Qiu whom I quoted at the top of the show. Julia is Associate Partner of Mosaic Ventures, a London-based Series A-focused fund. She is one smart Wharton Grad cookie who penned a fantastic article for Venture Beat - I'll put a link in the show notes - here are a couple of takeaways.

"Globally, HR technology is massive space, spanning everything from recruitment to performance reviews. One source pegs the value of this market at $400 billion. In the past two years, venture capital and private equity investors have poured close to $2 billion into this market...

So far, 2018 has seen some massive HR tech acquisitions. Recruit (already owners of Indeed.com) recently announced a $1.2 billion acquisition of Glassdoor, the popular company/jobs "review" site, making it one of the largest acquisitions so far this year. Earlier this year, ADP acquired Workmarket, a software solution enabling the freelance "gig" economy, and mobile workforces more generally. With the "Uber"-ization of everything, the ability to always be connected regardless of location, and rapid globalization, it's no wonder people no longer have to work within the confines of a 9-to-5 role or physically be in an office to be productive.

Julia is "super excited by technologies that enable working with freelancers, or attracting and retaining talent that exists via remote or mobile workforces." So Chief Connected what got you super excited at Jobg8 in Nashville?

The back to school sales are here, and we're making plans for all the fall shows! Of course, we're banned from (Bleep) so we won't be talking about those assholes. But we will be in Las Vegas September 10th and 11th for HR Marketing Institute. Vendors, talk to Larry or Ward about participating in the Collaboration Zone they'll be hosting at the 2 day event.

Also in September, join me in New Orleans for TATech Fall Congress and World Job Board Forum. October will be crazy busy with the CLO Leadership Summit in New York from Future Workplace, Talent Board Candidate Experience Symposium & Awards Gala in Orlando co-locating with ERE Fall, UNLEASH World Conference in Amsterdam and SourceCon in Atlanta. In November HireConf returns to New York, and WOBI World Business Forum will be at Lincoln Center November 14-15, and once again, TotalPicture is a Media Sponsor.

Now, here's a little bit about us:

Ward Christman is HR Tech Advisor's Chief Advisor - with a 26 year career building various HR tech companies from job boards to ATSs, he's a techie at heart but passionate about building great partnerships between HR Tech companies.

Larry Cummings is the Chief Connector - Harmonizing #HRTech vendor #collaboration. Larry Curates and marinates Intel to assure deal-flow for all @HRTechAlliances allies making YOUR collaborative resources more visible!

Peter Clayton - I started my podcast, TotalPicture,  in 2005 - pre-iPhone, pre- anyone knowing what a podcast was. I'm senior Producer/Director at  TotalPicture Media, a production boutique focused on the Future of Work. My expertise is in video and podcast production. I attend many premier industry conferences throughout the year, and partner with event producers, sponsors and exhibitors to create compelling, world-class content.



Thats our show. Comments are welcome on The HR Tech Collaboration News show page on totalpicture.com. While there, Please sign up for our free newsletter - You can subscribe to TotalPicture on iTunes, Google's new podcast app, TuneIn, Overcast, Stitcher or your favorite podcatching service - and join the conversation on our TotalPicture Radio Facebook Group. You'll find me on Twitter @peterclayton. Follow Larry at Chief_Connector. Follow Ward @HRTechAdvisor TotalPicture is your podcast resource for the future of work. See you next week . Thanks for tuning in to TotalPicture.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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