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HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast BBOP #16

Viva Las Vegas edition, Part 2. The Vegas Collaboration Zone, Marketing Maters, InfluenceHR, SuccessConnect. It's Collabodacious! 

Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

Yes it's another Viva Las Vegas Edition of the HR Tech Collaboration News podcast.

According to Chad, of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, Larry and Ward's Las Vegas Week App doesn't suck! Are you heading to Vegas next week? Download the app. it's free.

There are 5 HR tech related shows in Vegas next week: The Vegas Collaboration Zone, SuccessConnect, Marketing Matters, InfluenceHR, Women in HR Tech -- and a few others. According to Larry, It's Collabodacious!

Welcome boys and girls! HR Tech geeks, innovators, incubators, recruiters, sourcers, angels, VCs, vendors, start-ups, exhibitors, conference producers,  Welcome to Episode 16 of the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast, AKA BBOP (Build Buy or Partner?)  Featuring the 3 C's: Larry Cummings,Ward Christman, and I'm you host Peter Clayton.  

Well guys, the hourly/shift worker tech solutions space continues to sizzle. Planday, the workforce collaboration platform for shift workers, has raised €35 million pounds (about $40 million), in new funding. The Series C round is led by SEB Private Equity, with participation from previous backers,
The Danish startup plans to use the additional investment to further develop the cloud-based software and to expand into new markets across Europe and North America. This will also include establishing a U.K.-based technology development hub - which represents a major market for Planday  - as well as to grow sales and customer support teams in its London office.

Salary Finance, a FinTech financial wellbeing platform for employees, has closed a $20 million Series B investment that will be used to launch and scale Salary Finance in the US, as well as to continue to support its rapid growth in the UK.

Survey Monkey has filed for an initial IPO - The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined.

In the M&A space Background Screening provider Global HR Research (GHRR) (https://www.ghrr.com/), has acquired easyBackgrounds (https://www.easybackgrounds.com/), a background screening company operating from Newfields, NH.  I don't know about you, but I've lost track of the number of background screening companies out there. I would guess it's pretty close to the number of Elvis impersonators in Vegas.

 So much for everyone going on Vacation in the month of August, guys. Along with the weather, HR Tech continues to be super-hot with lots of deals floating around. And speaking about deals, Larry, what was happening in Orlando last week?

SOURCE: HRmarketer

HRFlorida: Theme Power of One
SurveyMonkey for HR @SMforHR
Angiology Corp - www.angiologycorp.com Rhonda Small, JD
OrlandoJobs.com - Roger Lear President and HRFlorida Expo champion
ThreatAdvice - www.twitter.com/ThreatAdvice - Javier Jerez Cybersecurity Consultant
Peopleguru - www.twitter.com/peopleguru - Steve Cohen Chief Revenue Guru
Paylocity - www.twitter.com/paylocity
Namely-  www.twitter.com/namely - Amy Rosenberg Manager, Field Marketing @amylena17 KPI interview
Adams Keegan - www.twitter.com/adamskeegan - Bob Adams Founder
PlaneProcess - www.twitter.com/planeprocess - Matthew Roe Branding Onboarding Orientation
Paycom - www.twitter.com/paycom  Mark Oare their new alliance partner

HRTech Week Collabodacious Suggestions:
Datawatch @Datawatch and the ½ dozen vendors they should be meeting with
GamEffective - www.twitter.com/gameffective Gal Rimon CEO w/ booths SuccessFactor & HRTechConf Isreal  
AllyO - @ApplywithAllyO
Engage Talent @Engage_Talent
Employment Screening Resources (ESR) @esrcheck Dawn Standerwick  
RChilli - @RChilli
TaxCreditCo - @TaxCreditCo
www.Twitter.com/WhoKnowsinc - Chris Macomber www.twitter.com/cmacom
https://twitter.com/hiringthing  Founder https://twitter.com/joshuasiler

Integration mentions:
https://twitter.com/modulusdata will be in CZ & https://twitter.com/Katpag HRTA new advisor board member

Now, here's a little bit about us.

Ward Christman is HR Tech Advisor's Chief Advisor - with a 26 year career building various HR tech companies from job boards to ATSs, he's a techie at heart but passionate about building great partnerships between HR Tech companies.

Larry Cummings is the Chief Connector - Harmonizing #HRTech vendor #collaboration. Larry Curates and marinates Intel to assure deal-flow for all @HRTechAlliances allies making YOUR collaborative resources more visible!

Peter Clayton - I started my podcast, TotalPicture,  in 2005 - pre-iPhone, pre- anyone knowing what a podcast was. I'm senior Producer/Director at  TotalPicture Media, a production boutique focused on the Future of Work. My expertise is in video and podcast production. I attend many premier industry conferences throughout the year, and partner with event producers, sponsors and exhibitors to create compelling, world-class content.



Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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