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Publish Your Way In

Podcast with thought leadership and viral marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott

"If You continue to block social media, your best employees are going to quit. And you're going to be left with the dregs, and that's going to suck."

David Meerman Scott is an online thought leadership and viral marketing strategist and the author of three books on marketing. Based in Boston, he is a speaker at conferences and corporate events and runs seminars about marketing around the world. In this Career Success podcast, Peter Clayton revisits many of the themes David discussed at PodCamp3, Boston. Are you skeptical about the real value of viral marketing? You won't be after listening to this!

Scott's ideology "the new rules of marketing & PR" is that marketing and public relations is vastly different on the Web than in mainstream media. He says that the "old rules" of mainstream media (which he asserts do not work on the Web) are about "controlling a message" and the only ways to get the message into the public domain using mainstream media is to buy expensive advertising or beg the media to write about you. He says that the rules of marketing and PR on the Web are completely different. Instead of buying or begging your way in, Scott says anybody can "publish their way in" using the tools of social media such as, blogs, podcasts, online news releases, online video, viral marketing, and online media.

David is the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly (Wiley). David's free e-Books have been downloaded over 1/2 million times from his website. David's latest book is titled Tuned-In Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs (Wiley).

Questions Peter asked David Merrman Scott

  • We met at Podcamp3 in Boston and one of the statistics you shared I'd like you to share with the audience. 50-1
  • What were some of your take-aways from Podcamp3?
  • Another concept you presented - is create conflict - whether you're writing a blog post or a press release - can you expand on this?
  • Do you subscribe to the concept of the long tail?
  • Do you subscribe to an individual as a brand?
  • Tells about your latest book, Tuned In
  • Are you as surprised as I an at the the number of sales and marketing executives who believe they can still control the message?
  • Sort of in the same vain, - and you blogged about this recently - the number of companies who block social networks like FaceBook, MySpace. What's your argument against these policies.
  • There are companies that allow their employees to blog, (IBM, Sun, Microsoft) and those who don't or monitor them very carefully -- I'm sure you've heard the old song "we're a publicly traded company, blah, blah, blah
  • A number of recruiters have told me they're having a very hard time engaging Gen Y'ers - any advice? You travel and speak extensively - what's the buzz, what are you asked most often?
  • For those bloggers and podcasters in the audience give us a few tips for growing our audience.
Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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