October 15, 2018

Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries


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Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries

Learn How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Re-Imagine The Employee Experience - Using AI4HR


Future Workplace Founding Partner Jeanne Meister and NovoEd CEO Ed Miller Discuss the Advances and the Advantages in Next-Generation Online Learning. How they will impact HR.

Published on August 19 2018
Future Workplace Founding Partner Jeanne Meister - NovoEd CEO Ed Miller TotalPicture interviewJeanne Meister - Ed Miller

If you took an online learning course or participated in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) four or five years ago, I have news for you: the advances in technology, delivery, platforms, AI and collaboration have advanced tremendously.

Welcome to a special Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host, Peter Clayton.

Joining me today is Jeanne Meister, founding partner of Future Workplace, and Ed Miller, CEO of NovoEd. I've asked both of them to join me to discuss an innovative online course that will be released this fall called Using AI4HR, which I happen to be intimately involved in since I'm very fortunate in that Jeanne hired me to produce and direct a series of videos to introduce each AI4HR course module, featuring executives from IBM, Cognizant, Intel, Cisco, GE, rloop, TIAA, Hilton and others, who are members of Future Workplace and early adopters using AI4HR.

The five week online course designed and developed by Future Workplace with an Advisory Board of Fortune 500 executives is powered by NovoEd.


Bill Kutik. Innovator, HR Tech Impresario


For 16 Years, Bill Kutik Built and Nurtured the HR Tech Conference. Creating the Most Important and Anticipated HR Tech Show of the Year. Far from Retiring, His "Firing Line with Bill Kutik" is Must-Watch TV

Published on August 09 2018
double-billOH NO! -- The Real Bill Kutik

Hey Look! Someone Photoshopped the hell out of Bill Kutik. Don't worry, you're getting the Real Bill on TotalPicture today!





"Some of your older listeners will remember Bill Buckley's show called Firing Line and not know that that he was so comfortable in his wealth and power that he never trademarked the name since he knew the world would never harm him in that way. Well I have. Because I have trademarked the name..." Bill Kutik

Welcome to a Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host Peter Clayton. I'm delighted to have back on the TotalPicture Podcast my friend and neighbor, Bill Kutik, who should need no introduction to anyone listening to this show. If your a newbie, here's a brief background: Bill is a leading independent expert on HR technology, one of top four influencers, leading, and always entertaining impresario. He is the Host of "Firing Line with Bill Kutik" on YouTube, a broadcast-quality video series, we'll discuss in detail in this episode.


HRmarketer Has A New Employee and Brand Advocacy Platform


Tim Sackett Loves It! We Talk With HRmarketer CEO Mark Willaman About An Important New Addition To The HRmarketer Platform.

Published on May 12 2018
Mark Willaman, Founder and CEO of HRmarketer Softward -TotalPicture interview with Peter ClaytonMark Willaman

HRmarketer is a marketing tool I use every single day. The HRmarketer Insight Module is like having your own air traffic control system tracking the industry, your competitors, conferences, trends, speaking opportunities, and much more. HRmarketer maintains the best pulse on the HR industry. Using Insight is like having a crystal ball to guide your marketing investments and activities. The information you get from using Insight will help drive your branding, messaging, content production, communications, social marketing, influencer & analyst relations and just about every aspect of your HR technology business strategy.

Welcome to an Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host an podcast protagonist, Peter Clayton. I'm happy to welcome back to TotalPicture HRmarketer's CEO Mark Willaman.


The Future of Work - Hyr is Creating AirBnB for Shift Workers


Hyr is Changing How Hourly Shift Workers, Access and Benefit from the Gig Economy. Podcast with Hyr CMO, Erika Mozes

Published on July 18 2017
Erika Mozes, Co-Founder and CMO, Hyr, TotalPicture interviewErika Mozes

One new job is added every 2.5 seconds to the hospitality industry. (Source: Brandon Gaille)

Referencing an article posted on Erika Mozes' LinkedIn profile, "Hyr was created to solve one big question - how can hourly shift work be improved in today's 1099 economy?  Just as Airbnb unlocked the unrealized asset of one's home, and Uber did the same for one's vehicle, Hyr will unlock the asset of one's time."

Welcome to our continuing series of The Future of Work from HR Tech World in San Francisco. I'm your host Peter Clayton.

One of the start-ups that presented during the pre-conference workshops at HRTech World is Hyr. And that's Hyr.work.

Jonathan Kestenbaum, the managing director of Talent Tech Labs in New York, introduced the Co-founder and CEO Josh Karam, and co-founder and CMO of Hyr, Erika Mozes who joins me today for this Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture.

What most impressed me about Hyr - their solution targets a very underserved yet hugely important segment of the workforce, namely hourly shift workers in the hospitality industry. (Soon to expand into retail and other industries).


How Augmented Reality Is Transforming Talent Acquisition and Careers


The Future of Work - The Minecraft Generation. An Encore Presentation from HR Tech World, San Francisco with Futurist and Bestselling Author, Robert Scoble

Published on July 13 2017
Robert Scoble, futurist, is partner at Transformation Group - TotalPicture interviewRobert Scoble

"We renamed Gen Z the Minecraft generation. They're thinking in 3D."

Robert Scoble is an authority on what's next, particularly when it comes to Mixed Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and AI. At Transformation Group Robert and his partner, Shel Israel help companies deal with the disruption that next generation augmented reality, AKA "Mixed Reality" represents.

Scoble and Israel's latest book, The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Change Everything, examines the unavoidable evolution of business, entertainment, sports, medicine, shopping, and more as a result of reality-altering technologies.

Welcome to a special Innovation Channel Podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your Host Peter Clayton. I had the pleasure of meeting with Robert in San Francisco at HR Tech World, and am happy to have been able to record this interview, and share Robert's deep knowledge and understanding of emerging techologies with you. Especially how AR, AI, and other innovations are already impacting jobs, careers, HR, talent acquisiton, and recruiting. Similar to what we're seeing with climate change, this is all happening much faster and with far greater impact than many experts had projected.


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