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Smashfly: Recruitment Marketing Scorecard for the Fortune 500

Chris Brablc, Director of Product Marketing Smashfly Technologies Discusses Their Deep Dive into How the Fortune 500 Attract Talent

Chris Brablc Director of Product Marketing Smashfly - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonChris Brablc

Here's some marketing copy from Smashfly's home page...

"SmashFly's Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services empower businesses to hire with purpose by mastering the art and science of attracting the right people through an authentic, employer brand-led strategy."

"Candidates have choices. We help candidates choose you instead of your competition by marketing your employer brand across every touchpoint - career site, social media, mobile, referrals, recruiting events, recruiting initiatives, email nurture, job marketing and more. We provide the only omni-channel recruitment marketing platform that converts interested people into leads and warm leads into the right applicants, so you can make right-fit hires at the right time."

Well, I would like to know more, wouldn't you? Companies focused on finding, engaging, and recruiting top tier talent realize it takes more than 'post and pray' to attract the candidates they want. Much more in today's job market.

Hi this is Peter Clayton. Joining me today for an Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio is Chris Brablc Director of Product Marketing at SmashFly Technologies.


Chris welcome to TPR

I'm sure #1 on your FAQ list is Smashfly? Where did that name come from and what does it have to do with TA?

Tell us about your background.

Back to my intro for a second. The Smashfly platform transforms how organizations find, attract, engage, nurture and convert leads into applicants. Can you unpack that for use.

One of the reasons I wanted to talk to Chris - the second annual SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for Fortune 500 was recently released and this of course, caught my attention. Give us the why and how of your report.

Our snarky friend Matt Charney posted on Facebook - (I'm paraphrasing here) "Stop saying recruiting is marketing. It's not." And I responded with: guilty as charged, because I absolutely believe when you're trying to attract top talent for hard-to-fill positions -- employer branding and marketing plays a big role. Obviously, Smashfly does too.

Before we dive into your Report Card, how do you define Recruitment Marketing?

What methodology was used to gather and assess this information?

One stat you put a big circle around.. "According to research by PwC, 93% of CEOs recognize the need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent." Is that translating into dollars and resources?

So this is the second year you've really gone into the weeds -- are there any big changes that you discovered year-to-year?

Both of us are part of the volunteer CandE council - the Candidate Experience Awards - now coming into it's 7th year - and one thing I've observed and found interesting is the number of companies - Deloitte is an example - that continue to participate every year. There are always things to improve upon and learn.

So a quick plug for the CandEs The 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report is now available, and you'll find a link on Chris' show page where you can download it for free.

22 companies (and as a reminder this report focuses on Fortune 500 companies), made what you call the Dean's List - receiving an A grade. How is this determined? What criteria did you use?

Let's talk about some of the hot button recruitment issues, Chris. Diversity. It seems every HR and recruiting conference we attend, there's at least one panel discussion on diversity. What did your report find.

Another hot button issue for sure is mobile. Is the Fortune 500 getting better marketing their employer brand and jobs via mobile platforms?

What about military recruiting?

Savvy recruiters I've been talking to are creating talent communities as a way of engaging candidates who may not be a good fit for a specific role but someone that might be in the future - are you seeing this as a trend with F 500?

I recently published a show with Bill Kutik talking about two ATS solutions, Taleo and iCIMS and also did an interview with Leela Srinivasan, the CMO at Lever, one of the new generation of ATS. How are the Fortune 500 addressing the abandon rate - so many candidates just give up trying to cut and paste their resumes into these systems. Especially passive candidates.

A section of your report details untapped recruitment marketing practices - what are some of these?

Were you able to determine how many of the F500 are using agencies to manage their social media accounts and help with recruitment marketing?

Another section or your report is call Nurture. What does that mean?

A welcome trend being used you call Personalization. I seems companies are fortunately getting away from using stock photos to using real employees.

What did you learn doing this research that surprised you? How can our audience connect with you?

Stay tuned... A complete transcript of Chris Brablc's interview with Peter Clayton will be available soon!

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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