August 18, 2018

Talent Acquisition Interviews


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Talent Acquisition Interviews

Immigration and Hiring Skilled Workers, 2018


Two Contrasting Forces are Making it Almost Impossible to Recruit Skilled Workers: The Hyper-Competitive Job Market and the Trump Administration's Hardline Immigration Policies

Published on April 10 2018
Nathalie Gottschalk, ESQ Immigration Attorney TotalPicture interviewNathalie Gottschalk

The State Department has ended an Obama-era program to grant visas to foreign entrepreneurs who want to start companies in the United States. As anyone working in HR and recruiting will tell you, the Trump administration is more aggressively scrutinising visas to skilled workers from other countries. Additionally, Trump is contemplating ending a provision that allows spouses of those skilled workers to be employed in the US.

Welcome to a special Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host Peter Clayton. According to my guest, Nathalie Gottschalk, an immigration attorney based in Las Vegas, Facebook spends an average of $14,000 in net visa costs to prcess each new hire's H-1B visa.

April 2nd was the first day the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accepted H-1B petitions for quota (cap) subject cases for FY (Fiscal Year) 2019, commencing October 1, 2018. Because demand for H-1B workers remains very high, the quota was likely filled in the first 5 business days of April. Last year, USCIS received over 230,000 H-1B applications for 65,000 slots.

If you're trying to recruit highly skilled talent for a SMB, it's hard to compete with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and other large organizations for the increasingly difficult and costly process competing for H-1B visas.

According to Nathalie, there are lower-cost alternatives to the H-1B lottery SMB companies can use to recruit the skilled talent they desperately need to grow their organizations, and can't find.


Looking For Top Talent? Make it Personal


Future of Work Series From HR Tech World Continues with Angie Verros, vaia talent

Premiers on July 11 2017
Angie Verros, vaia talent - TotalPicture interviewAngie Verros

Are you trying to source passive candidates with cookie-cutter, generic solutions? Good luck with that!

Welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast I'm your host Peter Clayton. Today I'm excited to be speaking with Angie Verros, a brilliant talent acquisition tactician. Angie has worked on every side of recruiting - from agency, to third party to contract to corporate - she's been there and done that. Armed with a marketing degree, she started her career as a rookie stock broker in New York City, so she knows a thing (or ten) about cold-calling and rejection!

Angie and I have been following each other around the country at various conferences this year, the latest being HR Tech World in San Francisco. Angie is based in Chicago, and very active in a number of organizations, including ATAP, (The Association For Talent Acquisition Professionals), where she is the community manager for ATAP's Facebook page.

Angie is the founder of vaia talent and former talent acquisition leader at high growth organizations in the Chicago metro area. As you'll hear in our conversation, she's a passionate, strategic and innovative talent acquisition leader, with a unique combination of successful recruiting leadership, coupled with talent brand and operations experience.

Angie consults with a number of organizations including Proactive Talent Strategies, (founded by our friend Will Staney), and will be back in San Francisco this September, speaking at HireCONF.


Allison Kruse Social Media and Employer Branding at Kforce


Branding Strategies For Smaller Companies - An Encore to Allison's Presentation at EBrandCon in Chicago

Published on June 23 2017
AllisonAllison Kruse

Allison Kruse is senior manager, social media, employer branding and talent acquisition at Kforce, an award-winning professional staffing firm that provides strategic partnership in the areas of Technology and Finance & Accounting services. She is on the Board of Directors at ATAP, the newly formed Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals.

Allison was a featured speaker at the recent #EBrandCon (Employer Branding Strategies Conference) in Chicago, and shared lots of blueprints and road-tested ideas for SMB's with limited staff and limited budgets, who understand the importance of actively nurturing their employer brand. I encourage our listeners to visit Kforce's Case Studies and Thought Leadership articles - you find links in the sidebar.

Welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host Peter Clayton.


Strategies for Diversity Recruiting and Employer Branding


Johnny Campbell, Founder and CEO Social Talent - SHRM Talent Interview

Published on May 29 2017
Johnny Campbell, Founder and CEO Social Talent, TotalPicture interviewJohnny Campbell

I've wanted to record this interview with the Founder and CEO of Social Talent, Johnny Campbell, since we first met in New York last February at HireConf.

In New York, Johnny presented a series of practical ideas and concepts regarding a topic everyone in HR and talent acquisition is talking about - diversity recruiting.

I finally pinned him down at SHRM Talent Management in Chicago. SocialTalent (according to Johnny's LinkedIn profile), is "a company that has the lofty ambition to improve the productivity of every professional worker in the world with better knowledge, tools and data to be better at what they do."

Johnny's expertise lie in identifying and delivering the benefits of a Web 3.0 world to the recruitment industry. He prides himself on being able to provide recruiters with the tools to source directly from the Internet, enabling them to build talent communities on social media and helping organization develop and market their employer brand online in the places where their target audience spend the most time, namely social media.

Social Talent's platform is used in over 90 countries by more than 1,000 companies and their blog is read by nearly 100,000 recruiters and salespeople each week.

Recruiting Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion


Inside SourceCon - An interview with Maren Hogan, RedBranch Media

Published on March 30 2017
Maren Hogan, CEO RedBranch Media,TotalPicture Radio interviewMaren Hogan

Welcome to a special Sourcecon Edition - Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast with Host Peter Clayton.

Before talking with Maren, here's a recent article in Bloomberg News I shared on Facebook: "As Uber Grew Hastily, Diversity Took a Backseat. Under pressure from harassment and sexism allegations, the ride-hailing giant is rethinking its approach to hiring."

No kidding! Uber has found itself in a PR nightmare over the past several months - mostly self-inflicted. You've probably seen the viral video of their CEO Travis Kalanick blasting an Uber driver. Here's a segment from Bloomberg News which shows the clip:

Quoting from the Bloomberg article; Liane Hornsey, Uber's senior vice president of HR, said in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday that she's working to clean up Uber's cultural problems, including its approach to recruiting. Hornsey, who joined the company this year, said Uber revised 1,500 job descriptions to remove unconscious bias from the language, will hold job interview training for women in tech and is ensuring its panel of interviewers is diverse. Uber plans to release a diversity report for the first time next week. "We're spending a good deal of time reflecting on what will lead to true diversity and inclusion," Hornsey wrote in an email. "Clearly, this matters a lot to all of us and must underpin everything we do-it's the foundation of positive cultural change." (You'll find a link to the article in the sidebar.)

Stay tuned... Our exclusive interview with Maren Hogan will air Thursday, March 30th!


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