Onboarding Experts Series: Bill Noll

Podcast with Bill Noll, founder of Noll Human Resource Services

Bill Noll
Bill Noll

"Making the wrong hire in this economy can be unbelievably expensive — as well as emotionally devastating for everyone involved, including the person making the hire, the individual placed in the wrong job, and the co-workers involved." - Bill Noll

"Bill Noll has developed an excellent way to screen candidates. His behavioral profiling process utilizes a structured interview format of open-ended questions and can accurately predict an individual's future performance in a specific position by identifying 29 work behavioral traits/tendencies in the areas of management, sales, and support services." Onboarding, P 76.

Welcome to a special Inside Recruiting Channel edition of Total Picture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting. When George Bradt and Mary Vonnegut set out to write Onboarding: How to Get Your New Employees Up to Speed in Half the Time , they invited a select group of experts to share their knowledge in the onboarding process. In this special series here on Total Picture Radio, we'll be interviewing, in depth, the individuals chosen by the authors to contribute their experience, expertise, and perspective.

This is the 4th Guest Expert podcast in the series. Bill Noll contributed to Chapter 5 of Onboarding; Evaluate Candidates Against the Recruiting Brief While Pre-Selling and Pre-Boarding

Please Note: We've tried to schedule the interviews in this series sequentially, as presented in the book. Because of scheduling conflicts, that will not always be possible.

The Experts Series — Onboarding is sponsored by PrimeGenesis. Founded in 2002, PrimeGenesis' mission is singular: use executive onboarding and facilitated transition acceleration to help new leaders and their teams deliver sustainable, Better Results Faster. Based in Stamford, Ct. PrimeGenesis is led by senior operating executives and organizational development specialists with deep and varied business experience.

Questions for Bill Noll

  • Your segment in Onboarding focuses on behavioral interviews -- your company has pioneered a number of behavioral interview techniques - can you share some of your methodology with us, and why you've found your system to be effective is screening candidates?
  • How does your screening process work?
  • In Onboarding, you write about The Selection Cone - what is it and how does it work?
  • George Bradt has told me there are only three questions in any interview: 1- Can you do the job;--- 2- will you love the job; and 3- can I stand working with you? Do you agree?
  • How do George's three questions relate to the 130 structured questions in the Noll process?
  • Do you use phone screens or video interviews in the selection process?
  • The recession has negatively impacted most executive search firms I've talked with. How has your firm held up in this economy?
  • Are you starting to see more activity? More searches? What are you projecting for 2010?
  • What didn't I ask that's important to share with our audience regarding behavioral interviewing?

Bill Noll Biography

William T. Noll founded Noll Human Resource Services in 1976, initially as a selection and management consulting company to help clients accurately select from groups of potential employees. He soon realized a need also existed to help locate these individuals. So the company, based in Omaha, NE, expanded to cover searches on both a permanent and temporary basis. Noll Human Resource Services mission is to partner with their clients to meet their human resource needs and goals.

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