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Hiring Greatness - Executive Search Demystified

Two Highly Successful Executive Search Professionals, David E. Perry and Mark J. Haluska Reveal Step-By-Step How to Recruit Your Dream Team

David Perry, Managing Partner of Perry-Martel International,TotalPicture interviewDavid E. Perry

The first question I asked David Perry; "why write a book that opens the kimono - revealing the executive recruiting process you've spent years refining?" David's response; "Just because you have the instruction manual doesn't mean you can fly the Starship."

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Geoff Colvin, senior editor at Fortune - "Top Talent has never been more valuable, nor competition for it more fierce... After 500 years or so the scarcest, most valuable resource in business is no longer financial capital. It's talent." So true.

Welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture - this is Peter Clayton, talking today with two individuals who know a lot about finding and recruiting top talent - David E. Perry and Mark J. Haluska have completed more than 1800 search projects across five continents, maintaining a 99.97% success rate, and negotiating more than $380 million in salaries. They are the authors of Hiring Greatness, a new book containing valuable insider strategies and tactics-to attract, recruit, and retain star executives.

David and I have been friends for many years. He is the bestselling author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters series and has been a frequent guest on the show.

Talking Points

Mark Haluska, veteran of the Executive Search profession, TotalPicture interviewMark J. Haluska

In the introduction to Hiring Greatness, you write... "The single greatest opportunity that an organization has to improve both performance and culture in one stroke lies in the hiring of a new executive-the right executive." Anyone listening to this podcast responsible for recruiting executive level talent into your organization will certainly benefit from the detailed approach to executive recruiting advocated in Hiring Greatness.

Which brings up my first question... why write a book that opens the kimono - so to speak, revealing the process you've spent years refining?

You two were in New York recently conducting a series of interviews for a search assignment. Perhaps you could share with us the steps that led-up to the interviews?

I would imagine everyone you spoke with was qualified - on paper - for the role you've been retained to fill - so what are some specific intangibles you're looking for in this round of interviews?

In Hiring Greatness, you advocate for key executives to participate in a benchmarking interview. Can you explain what this is and why it's important?

David, what is the biggest mistake companies make when hiring a third party recruiter to fill an executive position? I know you've been brought into search assignments 6 months to a year after another search firm failed to find the right candidate.

On the flip side, what is the biggest mistake companies make when assigning an in-house recruiter to fill an executive role?

As you know, time-to-fill is a metric many companies use in judging a successful job search. Often times, it can cost thousands of dollars to have a key position unfilled. Your thoughts?

Regarding the searches you are involved with, there's usually a search committee you work with. Can you give us some tips regarding the establishment of a successful search committee?

Regarding the search committee chairperson, you write "Build an emotional link with the right candidate (this is absolutely crucial). Can you expand on this?

You write extensively in Hiring Greatness about the job description document. Which seems to me to be something that is often times ignored - or a boilerplate out of HR. Can you share some advice?

Mark, you've created something called a CCB - Confidential Candidate Brief - would you describe what this is and why it's important?

Almost all of your placements involve recruiting someone already employed at an executive level, quite happy with their current job. It can be extremely difficult for a recruiter to break through. What are some of the strategies you employ to attract A players?

There's a clever analogy in Hiring Greatness -- Texas Hold'em versus Fantasy Football. Please explain.

I would like to return to something I quoted earlier from your book. The single greatest opportunity that an organization has to improve both performance and culture in one stroke lies in the hiring of a new executive-the right executive. With an emphasis on the Right executive. You devote an entire chapter on finding the right fit. How do you A) determine what the right fit is - and B) structure the interview process to find candidates who successfully fit into a company's culture?

We've all been to HR Tech, SHRM, ERE, Recruiting Trends, and many other conferences focused on recruiting. Big Data, predictive analytics, and the latest cool tool du jour are hot topics. So what tools do you use?

The final chapter of Hiring Greatness is titled Sealing the Deal: The Future is in Your Hands. Just because you've determined who you want to hire doesn't mean they will automatically accept your offer. What are some pitfalls to look for when developing an offer to your top pick?

Anything you would like to share with the audience that we haven't discussed?

David Perry:
Nicknamed the 'Rogue Recruiter' by the Wall Street Journal David Perry has three decades experience recruiting senior executives as Managing Partner of Perry-Martel International, Inc. He has closed more than $250 million in deals on 5 continents with a 99.97% success rate. He pioneered the professional practices described in Hiring Greatness.

David is the author/coauthor of five other books, including 'Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0'. David was born into a 'Navy' family and raised on military bases throughout the US and Canada. He was a commissioned officer (retired) and a recent recipient of the 'Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal'. David lives in Ottawa with his business partner Anita and four adult children.

Mark J. Haluska
Mark is a 16 year veteran of the Executive Search profession. He has gained a strong reputation for having a unique way of penetrating even the most highly guarded walls of corporate America in his quest to "obtain access to" the top 10% of the continents executive talent; in the behalf our clients.

Mark has completed over 520 national and international executive searches negotiating salaries ranging from 6 figures to well in excess of $ 4M for very senior executives. During his 16 years in the profession, he's only had to replace 2 candidates for clients representing a 99.6% success rate.

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Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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