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The Only Facebook Sourcing Playbook You Need

Todd Davis is a Sourcing Magician, and Facebook is the Prop He Uses to Make Purple Squirrels Appear Out Of Thin Air.

Todd Davis, senior sourcer, Amazon, Facebook Magician - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonCraig Fisher

Here's the lead-in to the recent HIREconf in New York City:

"Talent acquisition has evolved wIth the rapid rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This one-day recruiting conference will focus on the skills practitioners need to know to excel as a talent acquisition professional today and in the future. Expect tactical takeaways you can implement immediately and strategic insights to help you guide your organization in the right direction in the future."

I was there. HIREconf delivered on its promise. Big time. In this podcast you'll hear what I mean.

Welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio. I'm your host, Peter Clayton.  Today I have the privilege of sharing with you insights from one of the Wizard Presenters - Todd Davis, who will share his Facebook magic with you.

Todd is Technical Recruiter at Amazon, supporting Seattle and development centers across North America including Phoenix, Santa Cruz, and Detroit. Todd spends his day sourcing and Hiring Senior Engineers for teams within the Consumer organization including the eCommerce Platform, Seller Services and Retail Systems. These teams make up the core of the Amazon eCommerce business and tackle some of the biggest technical challenges Amazon has to offer.

A quick show note: I will be posting a video version of this interview as well, with screen shots of many of the resources Todd will be sharing with us.


Todd, Before we dive into Facebook, tell us about your background.

Let's get into Facebook. What impact do you think their recent job posting initiative will have on LinkedIn, Indeed, and the major job boards?

Alright - let's get into your presentation. First, why use Facebook for sourcing Talent?

Sue Brauer Calvery We're making between 5-10 placements a month using FB messenger. We recruit trade positions for one our clients and it's been an amazing source.

The rise of bots robots like Stanley. https://talkpush.com/chatbot.html?ref=producthunt Facebook is rolling out Discover People on mobile that will let you "discover" new friends based on an event you are interested in or people who work at the same company.

Talk to us about Facebook Search history and how to find it.

Once your Facebook search history is in Evernote what can you do with it?

Ok, so here's where my jaw began to drop in New York. Facebook AI

Facebook Search by Intelligence Recruitment Software

Let's take a closer look at Facebook Search by Intelligence Recruitment Software, how we can craft a Facebook search from this handy tool. You can use the tool on their website or use the handy Chrome extension. The Facebook Search tool is almost like a Boolean Search or a Boolean Builder. The tool lets you add search terms by selecting AND as well as craft OR searches. They have recently updated the search interface, let's take a look.

Link: http://www.intel-sw.com/blog/facebook-search

What are some of the options?

When we add "company" to our search, the tool auto populates pages on Facebook that match the company we are looking for. For this search, we are looking for "Google

The tool is still great for Diversity recruiting. This example is a search for "Software Engineers" in "Seattle" who are "Female".

Talk to us about Group search

Tell us about the FB UID Scraper and they can be viewed here: https://autoclick.us/fb-uid-scraper/ For our course, we will be focused on "Lite version".

The Facebook Search tool is almost like a Boolean Search, the tool lets you add search terms by selecting AND.

What is the difference or advantage between this and the Facebook Search by Intelligence Recruitment Software, which we discussed earlier?

We can easily check and see who "checked in" at the Google Headquarters on Facebook by using the FB UID Scraper (all versions) and selecting from the first drop-down box, "Checked In" and in the next box we add "Google Headquarters".

Talk to us about Search is Back! https://searchisback.com

Hiretual https://hiretual.com what can you do with it?

Tell us a little bit about Facebook URL Manipulation

How can you effectively reach out to people you find on Facebook without coming across as a stalker?

Facebook Messenger

Tell us about the LinkedIn Search Tool

One more I'd like to to talk about StalkFace!

Over 7,000 Downloads!

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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