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Onboarding Experts Series: Sheila Greco

Podcast with research, recruiting, and competitive intelligence leader, Sheila Greco

Sheila Greco
Sheila Greco

"We are seeing companies that are being strategic, proactive, and methodical as it relates to hiring. The days of handing over 3 to 5 candidates for a specific rec and saying 'here you go' are over." - Sheila Greco

The Experts Series — Onboarding is sponsored by PrimeGenesis. Founded in 2002, PrimeGenesis' mission is singular: use executive onboarding and facilitated transition acceleration to help new leaders and their teams deliver sustainable, Better Results Faster. Based in Stamford, Ct. PrimeGenesis is led by senior operating executives and organizational development specialists with deep and varied business experience.

This is the second Guest Expert podcast in the series. Sheila Greco contributed to Chapter 4 of Onboarding; Create a Powerful Slate of Potential Candidates

Please Note: We've tried to schedule the interviews in this series sequentially, as presented in the book. Because of scheduling conflicts, that will not always be possible.

Questions for Sheila Greco

  • First, With so many highly qualified executives looking for work, I think there's a common misperception in the C suite: It's easy to fill any job opening. Not true, am I correct?
  • What are some initiatives the staffing industry has taken to -- one -- adjust pricing and keep costs down and two -- broaden its value?
  • How has the recession impacted the recruiting industry?
  • What are some of the high-tech tools the staffing industry has employed to enhance their services?
  • One trend you and I discussed back in March -- mid-sized companies are taking advantage of high unemployment to attract high-value talent to their organizations. Is this still happening?
  • Tell us about your business and clients -- what are you seeing? What trends or opportunities are you mining?
  • One hot tip I'd like you to discuss from Onboarding: Utilize parallel processing, don't recruit sequentially. Why?

About Sheila Greco

Sheila Greco is President and Chief Executive Officer of Sheila Greco Associates, LLC. Prior to launching her firm in 1989, Sheila spent several years with Goodrich & Sherwood, an executive search company in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut. She began her career as a research associate and quickly climbed through the ranks and ultimately became a Director of Executive Search specializing in consumer packaged goods marketing and sales. As an entrepreneur, she has gained extensive experience in human resources to include, research, recruiting, and competitive intelligence. As a strategic, results-oriented leader, Sheila has a proven track record of building long-term and solid relationships with clients and candidates.

About Sheila Greco Associates

Source: Company Web site

Sheila Greco Associates, LLC. offers a full suite of Passive Candidate Research and Passive Candidate Recruiting services to help their clients find the right professionals to fill their open positions.

The firm has experience in all industries including engineering, construction, energy, consumer packaged goods, technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, financial services, retail and consulting. Their experienced research staff can find employees at any function and at any level within an organization.

Since 1989 Sheila Greco Associates has helped clients fill their pipelines through expertise in Passive Candidate Research as well as Passive Candidate Name Sourcing and Recruiting.

The firm's clients range from Fortune 500 companies to independent Recruiting firms looking for assistance in Passive Candidate Name Sourcing.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Sheila Greco Associates, LLC. brings knowledge as well as a strong network to the table. Their goal is to partner with you on your next search with the goal of creating a win-win result, assuring you a return on investment.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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