Using Chatbots for Candidate Engagement: Bring Back the Dead. An interview with GoHire Founder, Jonathan Duarte

#Chatbots, #AI #Uber #CandidateExperience #Recruiting #TalentAcquisition #HRTech Chatbots have become an essential and strategic tool in talent acquisition, recruiting, and candidate experience. Hi, this is Peter Clayton, host of the TotalPicture Media Podcast. Joining me today is Jonathan Duarte, award-winning expert Chatbot Architect, and founder of GoHire. Jonathan has extensive industry expertise in human resources […]

A Proven Strategy for Professional Women to Return to the Workforce On Their Terms

Boulo Solutions helps women stay in and return to the workforce by matching them with flexible roles and board opportunities. Businesses save time and money by getting matched with vetted, diverse talent in as little as 72hours Welcome to a CEO Insights edition of the TotalPicture Podcast, I’m your host, Peter Clayton. One of the […]