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Welcome to TotalPicture Media and WTF 2020: An Influencers’ Guide to Navigating the Shit Show.

My name is Peter Clayton. Thank you for tuning in to the podcast version of my interview with Craig Fisher.

Craig Fisher
TalentNet Media

Between COVID-19. Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, a government in complete disarray with no leadership, no conscience, not integrity, no honesty – it feels like we’re adrift in a sea of daily “oh my god, what happened now?” For me, the media noise has become too much and after Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, I’ve had to just tune it out to stay somewhat sane. On most days I write in my journal: Avoid social media, avoid the news, stay focused on what you can control, and don’t get lured in by shiny objects.

So, here’s WTF 2020 – I think that the group of influencers, thought leaders, subject matter experts, innovators, and visionaries I’ve invited to participate in this series can give all of us some inspiration, a renewed sense of purpose — or a least some hope! Today, I’m delighted to welcome back to TotalPicture Media, Craig Fisher yeah, FishDogs! Craig Is the founder of employer brand and recruitment tech/process strategy firm, TalentNet Media. He has led Global Marketing, Employer Brand, and Recruiting Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions – North America’s largest RPO and staffing company. He has led talent acquisition teams at the Fortune 500 level owning recruitment process, marketing, and technology. His digital branding methods have been adopted as best practices by companies like LinkedIn, Toyota, YUM! Brands, Microsoft, and many more. He’s the author of Inbound Recruiting, and a popular keynote speaker at tech, social media, HR / recruiting, and sales conferences worldwide, and who the hell know whenever we’ll see those again. One of the questions I have for Craig.


  • Craig, it’s great to see you again! Even if it’s over Zoom!
  • What’s life like in Dallas these days?
  • How has the pandemic impacted you personally?
  • How are your boys? Are they all back in school?
  • Like I mentioned in my intro, up until recently, you were working for Allegis Global Solutions, Why did you leave?
  • Tell us about your company, TalentNet Media
  • I know TalentNet is producing virtual conferences. Give us some background and war stories.
  • Tell us about your TalentNet Live Dallas 2020 Event Nov 20th
  • It seems to me one of the advantages to producing a virtual conference – you can book a whole bunch of presenters and not have to worry about paying for airfare, hotels, food, etc.
  • You seem to prefer Hopin as your event platform. What are it’s advantages?
  • Based on your experience, what’s the biggest common mistake virtual conference producers make?
  • What are your clients telling you?
  • What do your clients want from you?
  • What do you envision for 2021? (RE recruiting)
  • Do you believe there will be more tech consolidation?
  • When do you think Live Conferences will return? And when they do, will anyone come, exhibit, sponsor, etc)
  • Will we ever see events on the scale of HR Tech, UNLEASH, SHRM again?
  • Are you booking virtual conferences for 2021?
  • Will people ever return to their offices? When?
  • Are Jobs in TA moving toward contract vs FTE?
  • Is AI and machine learning helping to lessen bias in recruiting?
  • What has surprised you in 2020?
  • What has inspired you?
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