How to Work With HR Tech Influencers Part 2

How to Work With HR Tech Influencers Part 2 Featuring Sarah Brennan and William Tincup  (Encore Podcast)

“One of the things that you can do and I think is highly underutilized is that you can’t be at every show. There are Bloggers, writers, practitioners, influencers, that are at a lot of these shows. And it’s not unusual to reach out to some of these people that are at them. A lot of the shows publish their blogs squad or whatever that is for the particular show ahead of time, to reach out and say hey you know we know you’re going to be there we’ll cover your flight down or you know the equivalent amount of money or hotel room — whatever that is if you’d be willing to write a wrap-up post. What did you learn? Tell us about the event that we could share out. Maybe send a few tweets out, or have your team retweet the content that’s going on at some of these shows using the hashtag. So that hashtag and your brand are still affiliated even if you’re not there. You go to a show like SHRM you would never see every single vendor in that expo hall. Even at some of the larger tech conferences, you don’t have time to see every single vendor. And so as people are looking through those feeds, they don’t even know you’re not there. Because you’re still sharing and you’re participating in a conversation. You don’t have to ignore it just because you’re not there.” Sarah Brennan

Welcome to Part 2 of our special series on working with HR influencers, Analysts, and Advisors. Today, William Tincup and Sarah Brennan will tell you about street teams, how analysts bring a different perspective to the advisory role. The different kinds of Influencers. Why it’s important to do readership surveys and how to use them. What are the most effective social media platforms? What industry conferences do I need to attend? How do you form an advisory group?

Sarah Brennan and William Tincup Lead a Roundtable at the HR Tech Summit in Toronto Organized by Brad Sutton.

In Part One of our special series on Working with HR Tech Influencers, Analysts, and Advisors, Brad had this to say:

“Working with entrepreneurs and CEOs and heads of marketing. I realize that not everybody really understands how to create awareness in the space and have sold to the HR buyer before in the past, I knew there was a certain amount of credibility you need to have coming in the door of course and that’s obviously who you work with and what have you done for them? But then also there is that element of having a name that’s recognizable right? I think the worst thing that can happen is you’re sitting in front of a buyer and you’re amongst a pool of competitors and no one’s heard of you before.” Brad Sutton.

In Part 2 of this series, you’ll hear from Sarah and William. Don’t miss this podcast!

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