HRTech Start-Up: Meet Kevin Corliss, CEO of Roots

Roots Provides HR Solutions Using Slack


Welcome to another edition of WTF-2020 How to Pivot in the COVID-19 Shit Show with your host on the TotalPicture Podcast, Peter Clayton. Today, we’re focusing on an HR Tech Startup called Roots.

Do you know who’s gone bonkers since Covid-19 besides the usual suspects like Amazon and Instacart? Slack. Think about it. What if you could run your entire HR org. on Slack, with no bulky software or candidate tracking systems? In today’s remote work world where Slack is king, that’s the vision of my guest today: Kevin Corliss, CEO of Roots (formerly Treehoppr — WTF? Treehoppr??).

Here’s what’s cool: Kevin’s startup offers a set of modular and employee-friendly HR solutions for Slack that track time off, manage candidate referrals, and measure employee engagement. Built for the remote workforce, Roots is used by the largest remote-first companies like Gitlab and Toptal. Founded in 2017 by two friends navigating the corporate world, Roots is dedicated to reshaping HR, ridding the workplace of bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy, and positively impacting employee wellness, productivity, and retention.

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