Closing Keynote Diversity & Inclusion Winning over the C Suite, Roynda Hartsfield, CIA
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Closing Keynote Diversity & Inclusion Winning over the C Suite, Roynda Hartsfield, CIA

Diversity and inclusion have long been goals of leading employers, but the motivations behind those goals have been mixed. For some employers, diversity and making their workforces more inclusive was just something that they felt was the moral thing to do. For other employers, it was legally compelled. Fortunately, more employers are discovering that the more diverse and inclusive their workforce, the more productive is that workforce.
How the CIA’s talent actuation leaders use productivity data to win support for its D&I programs
[00:33:01] Roy Hartsfield: “Every executive had to take unconscious bias. And there was something different between sitting in a classroom and actually implementing. And this is why my last story is there was he was the chief of counterterrorism center. So we’re talking about the guy that goes after the big hard targets downrange. And he’s a very tall white male. And I’ve given him his numbers. Obviously, I hated giving everybody their numbers because that’s when all the hard conversations came in. And he said, ‘you know, I took that unconscious bias class because I was really surprised.’ And I’m like, oh, yeah. And he goes, yeah, I took the class on.”
“A week later, something was going on downrange and I had to come in and I had to get this email out. It was really urgent and I can’t remember the group name. So I handpicked everybody’s name in and I’m like, OK, and whose do you think I forgot? And I’m like, I am not answering this question unless I forgot this woman. And you guys, do you think she noticed? Do you do you think she noticed? Yeah, I was like, yeah, dude. I think she noticed. And he was not only that, but she was African-American. And I was like, OK, hey man, I’m not judging. I got a biases team. I’m like, OK. So I looked at him. I was like, dude, what you can do about it? And he goes, First I want to apologize to her.”
[00:34:28] And I’m thinking, oh man, she in Egypt or Syria. He goes, “No man. she sits right there, right there.” And I’m like, oh man. This he goes first. I want to apologize to her about leaving her off the note. Right? And then he went one step further. And this is why I worship this man. He held an all-hands because he normally does every quarter. And he specifically talked about unconscious bias. He made everybody, everybody in the counterterrorist center take the unconscious bias class.”
01:15– Presenter: Roynda Hartsfield, former Chief of Hiring for the CIA’s Directorate of Digital Innovations (DDI) and current Head of Talent Acquisition for Excel Technologies, LLC
35:40 Panel discussion: – Gerry Crispin, Principal and Co-Founder for CareerXroads; –
Ankit Somani, Co-Founder for AllyO; and
Marjorie McCamey, Corporate Development for Intrnz and Senior Recruiter for Franklin Templeton.
Held at EY headquarters in Hoboken, NJ, December 2019. Thank you to College Recruiter for allowing me to publish this on my YouTube Channel. I produced, directed, and edited the video.
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