Gregg Robins A Report from Geneva: European Insights on COVID-19, Brexit, and The US Election,
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An In-Depth Report from Geneva, Switzerland featuring Gregg Robins, Robins Advising Wealth Management Consultancy

What’s going on across the pond? You know, in Europe? With the pandemic and the steroid jacked-up president raging and his sycophants tap-dancing and lying, the media in this country has sort of forgot about UK’s financial hari-kari act known as Brexit, as well as what’s going on in the European Union, and how the EU is reacting to the dumpster fire raging across the United States. I’m here today to correct that omission.

Welcome to a special European Insights edition of TotalPicture Media. I’m Peter Clayton. Today, my special guest is my good friend, Gregg Robins. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Gregg is the founder of Robins Advising, a Wealth Management Consultancy, advising his clients on how to deal with the most complex problems and situations that they face in the management of their personal wealth and their business interests. His career in financial services has included leadership roles in banks, such as Citigroup, UBP, and UBS.

Gregg received his B.A. in Economics at Rice University. He was awarded a Marshall Scholarship, and received his Masters and Doctoral Degrees at Oxford University, with a specialty in Finance and a geographical focus on Russia and Eastern Europe. Gregg has taught and lectured in leading business schools, including the Executive MBA Programs of the NYU Stern School of Business and the New Economic School in Moscow. Gregg is a longtime resident of Switzerland, with years lived in the United Kingdom and Russia. He is fluent in Russian, Spanish, and French, and joins us today from his home in Geneva.


  • What’s happening in Europe? Business – Economy – COVID?
  • What’s top-of-mind to the average European?
  • What the hell is happening with Brexit?
  • How do Europeans feel about America?
  • How do Europeans feel about the European Union?
  • How closely are Europeans following the presidential election? What are their thoughts/opinions?
  • You work in wealth management. What are the top concerns of the wealthy as we approach 2021?


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