Welcome to TotalPicture Media and another edition of WTF 2020 AN INFLUENCERS’ GUIDE TO NAVIGATING THE SHIT SHOW. My name is Peter Clayton. Thank you for tuning in. So, what’s your opinion of 2020 so far? (Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments).

Between COVID-19. Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, our political shit show, a government in complete disarray with no leadership, no conscience, not integrity, no honesty — we’re adrift in a sea of daily “what happened now?” Is this every man, woman, and child for themselves? It sure feels like it! The fucking Titanic is sinking and we’re all on it!

I think that the group of influencers, thought leaders, subject matter experts, innovators, and visionaries I’ve invited to participate in this series can give all of us some inspiration, a renewed sense of purpose — or a least some hope! Today, I’m delighted to welcome back to TotalPicture Media, my good friend Gerry Crispin. Gerry is a self-described “life-long student of hiring with a passion for conversations about how every stakeholder in the recruiting process finds meaningful work; technology & data that contribute to employer & candidate decisions; and, an organizational strategy for talent management that is sustainable.” He is the co-founder of CareerXroads, established in 1995, a consultancy that nurtures a growing community of world-class Talent Acquisition leaders.

In 2010, Gerry helped establish the Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards and has been instrumental in the creation of The Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals – ATAP.


  1. How has the pandemic impacted you personally?
  2. Tell us about your company, CareerXroads
  3. How has the pandemic impacted CXR?
  4. CXR has over 150 multinational member companies – sort of a Who’s Who of the Fortune 500. What are you hearing from your members?
  5. What are your members telling you regarding talent acquisition and recruiting?
  6. What do your members want from you?
  7. For years you’ve held in-person Colloquiums with your members. Have you transitioned to virtual?
  8. What’s been your experience with virtual conferences?
  9. What do you envision for 2021? (RE recruiting)
  10. Do you believe there will be more tech consolidation next year?
  11. When do you think Live Conferences will return? (And when they do, will anyone come, exhibit, sponsor, etc)
  12. Are you booking virtual conferences for 2021?
  13. Will people ever return to their offices? When?
  14. Are Jobs in TA moving toward contract vs FTE?
  15. Is AI and machine learning helping to lessen bias in recruiting?
  16. You have a recent Research Report for your members on Diversity and Inclusion. Give us some highlights.
  17. Tell us about the CXR virtual weekly happy hour?
  18. I noticed on your website that you have a book club, and anyone can participate. A recent title is The Buddha and the Badass. Tell us about the book and why it was selected.
  19. What has surprised you in 2020?
  20. What has inspired you?
  21. Anything you would like to share?



Talent Board:

Buddha and Badass: (Amazon Link)

God Level Knowledge Darts: (Amazon Link)