Welcome to a new episode of WTF2020 How to Navigate the 2020 Shit Show with your host, Peter Clayton.

What are you going to do if you’ve attracted most of your prospects, leads, and new business opportunities participating in trade shows, conferences, and events? Stay tuned because today we’re going to catch up with one of my favorite data geeks – and actually, favorite people. Donato Diorio, the founder and CEO of DataZ.

Donato is a consultant, advisor, problem solver, speaker, storyteller, and teacher. He’s founded, grown, and led companies in Technology, Data, and Recruitment, including the Founder and CEO of Broadlook Technologies which was acquired by RingLead in 2015.

Scraped from DataZ’s LinkedIn Profile:

data|z focuses on Data Strategy, Data Cleanse, Data-Technology, and List Development. Strategy: We teach our executive-level clients how to build a sustainable data strategy that powers sales and marketing. Data Cleanse: Our principals have built some of the industry’s most-leveraged data technologies and our in-house toolset is unrivaled. Data-Technology: Sometimes gaps exist within processes, if we don’t have a solution for your unique problem, we can build it. List Development: We see it as 50% art, 50% science. If the data already exists we can acquire it for you, if not, we have the proprietary tools and trained researchers to build that perfect list.