Josh Bersin HR Tech Confusion

“We have all this new technology… mobile, video, AI, faster and faster computing networking. And venture capitalists are throwing a ton of money into the HR tech space to fund companies to deal with issues like AI and data-driven recruiting, wellbeing, virtual and real-time learning, 21st-century career management. New ways of doing rewards. New ways of doing goal management. Better feedback. All of these ideas — these management ideas are fostering vendors with platforms. And so the HR functions are seeing dozens and dozens of startups now, all of which are doing really interesting things that they want to somehow take advantage of. And there is a little bit baffled as to what to do. Because they can’t buy all of it, and they do need a core system of record underneath it all. And the core systems vendors can’t build all this either so it’s actually a very disruptive time.” Josh Bersin