Jackye Clayton WTF 2020 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist at SeekOut
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Some Companies are Doing More To Address Diversity and Inclusion Than Just Talking About it.

Welcome to another edition of WTF 2020. AN INFLUENCERS’ GUIDE TO NAVIGATING THE SHIT SHOW. My name is Peter Clayton. Thank you for tuning in. So, what’s your opinion of 2020 so far? Here’s mine…

If someone had written a book or a movie script detailing the dumpster fire that has existed in the US over the past three-plus years – and especially 2020 – no one would have believed it. But here we are, swatting flies and shoveling bullshit. And trying to wrap our brains around low budget crazy B-Horror Movie plots like Q-Anon and the fucking Proud Boys. Just when you think it can’t get any more insane. Somehow it does!

So, here’s WTF 2020 – I think that the group of influencers, thought leaders, subject matter experts, innovators, and visionaries I’ve invited to participate in this series can give all of us some inspiration, a renewed sense of purpose — or a least some hope!

I’m excited to have on the show today Jackye Clayton, whom I connected with at the HRTech Collaboration Zone Virtual Event last month. Ward Christman & company have done an excellent job of facilitating conversations and connections on their monthly virtual events. I’ll put a link in the show notes so you can check it out. It’s an excellent and low-cost way to stay connected to the HR and TA tech community and learn about the latest trends in tech.

Also, I have to give a shout-out to Chad and Cheese. I was going to wear my Hiring Solved tee shirt for this interview – the one with I am a Hunter on the front – however, thanks to the crack reporting of Joel and Chad I found out that Jackye is now Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist at SeekOut. Finally, I’m getting some diversity in these videos and podcasts! Frankly, this WTF 2020 series so far has been a line-up of middle-aged white guys. But girl power is here!

A little background on Jackye. She was named one of the 9 Powerful Women in Business You Should Know by SDHR Consulting, one of the 15 Women in HR Tech to Follow in 2019 by VidCruiter, 2019 Top 100 list of Human Resources Influencers by Human Resource Executive Magazine, and one of the Top Recruitment Thought Leaders that you must follow in 2019 by interviewMocha Magazine.

Jackye, thanks for Zooming with me.


  • So Texas has been very well represented over the past month here on TotalPicture. You’re the third Texan – however the first one from Waco – what’s happening in your community. What’s it like?
  • What has the past 8 months been like for you? (Black Wall Street)
  • Both you and our friend Jeremy Roberts have recently moved from Hiring Solved to SeekOut. Tell us about that transistion and SeekOut.
  • Give us a sense of what your job Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist entails. Give us a Day in the Life of Jackye Clayton.
  • So SeekOut is based in Bellevue, Washington. I’m assuming you spend a good part of your day on a video conferencing platform.
  • No more travel, no more live speaker gigs. Have you transitioned to speaking at virtual events? What kind of adjustment has that been?
  • What’s your prediction? How long before we’re all back in Vegas or San Diego for a live event?
  • What has inspired you (if anything) over the past 7-8 months?
  • What advice to you have for folks looking for a job?
  • What would you like to share that we’ve not discussed?