Doug Berg, Chief Zapper, ZapInfo Interviews Steven Rothberg
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Doug Berg, Chief Zapper, ZapInfo Interviews Steven Rothberg at College Recruiter Bootcamp at Google Hq.

Doug Berg, ZapInfo interviews Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of College Recruiter, at the College Recruiter Bootcamp at Google Hq in December 2018
Video transcript:
Doug: In the recruiting world, people are constantly moving data, you know, from the career site to the job boards, getting applicants, moving applicants in and out, just give me your two cents on how if a good tool that could liquefy data and make it frictionless to move stuff around, would that be meaningful in the recruiting business?
Steven: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think, what, maybe a month ago you rolled out the multipage feature Pat pagination, and that’s been great. I’ve used that on some other social networks like I think Facebook being in a group with 300 people. And I can go to that group and it just goes through and kind of grabs all the names, contact information, et cetera, for people in that group. There are some groups that I’m in that are full of people that we do business with their customers of ours. I don’t know, off the top of my head, if there are 300 people in that group or 250 of them already in Salesforce, and how do we try to figure out which ones are there, which ones aren’t this way? I kind of grabbed the list. We can easily identify then which 50 are not in Salesforce and we can get them into Salesforce to be able to take a list of, say, 100 people. Oh, another way of use it as an Excel spreadsheet and to take that Excel spreadsheet and then move that data into another application. If I couldn’t use app info where it would go build a table, see the email addresses for people who didn’t have the email addresses like it can enrich it, which is super easy. Just checkbox. Yes, I want to enrich it and then add the LinkedIn you or else that’s very helpful. And then I can go and import that. This does it in once instead of one less step. But it’s a big step. I use it virtually every day. There are many days, probably two or three days a week where it saves me at least an hour.
Doug: Amazon got rich because of one-click ordering and we’re trying to help bring forth one-click recruiting, which really saves people time, lets them focus on relationships and results. So we thank you for being a user and thanks for having us here today. College Recruiter: ZapInfo: