TotalPicture Media Services Fall 2020

Video Rules!

Since COVID-19 took over the world — both personally and professionally, everything has changed. One of the most profound and radical changes has involved video. Here’s a simple question: How many hours did you spend in the last week staring into a webcam?

Video has become an essential element in almost every business transaction. Screens dominate, and Video Rules!

My name is Peter Clayton. I’m the Producer/Director/Editor at TotalPicture Media, a video production boutique based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Since 2005, I’ve covered Recruiting, Staffing, HR Tech, TA Tech, Talent Acquisition, Learning  & Development, and Leadership producing videos and podcasts at many of the most prestigious and popular conferences and events. Today, I’m primarily creating content via Zoom.



We are currently going on location in the New York City Metro and Boston Metro areas with small crews (3 people), practicing social distancing, and wearing masks. If you’re located within a reasonable driving distance of Fairfield County, Connecticut, we’re available to come to your office or home. We are following COVID-19 best practices. The crew consists of Peter Clayton, Producer/Director; Jolie Kinga, Director of Photography/Videographer; and a TelePrompter tech.

Additionally, we have a vast crew of talented video professionals we’ve employed over two decades of location video production. We’re happy to organize a location crew and have the camera original footage sent to us for editing.

All location video packages include planning, concept, script development, and post-production editing.


  • Marketing & sales videos featuring executives, employees, prospects, and customers
  • Virtual presentations – Our three-person crew will come to your home or office. Then we’ll edit the video and add graphics to make sure you’re pitch-perfect
  • Documentary style production employee motivation and training videos
  • Product demos including real-time screen video
  • Announcements from senior management


Currently, I’m working on a virtual production of It’s A Wonderful Life (a 1946 radio play), for a New York City theatre group.

Zoom is the new normal, and with the right equipment, it’s very effective. For the past eight months, the majority of TotalPicture Media video productions are recorded via Zoom.

We provide complete production services. From concept and scriptwriting to graphics, original or stock music, interview-style or presentation, real-time screen captures for product demos, and post-production editing and distribution. We’ve been surprised at how effective Zoom video productions can be when done right.

Zoom can be adapted to a wide variety of platforms:

  • Marketing videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Presentations
  • Subject Matter Expert Videos (for lead generation)


Peter Clayton, TotalPicture Media founder and senior producer, can provide two one-hour, one-on-one online Zoom Video training sessions to get you looking and sounding like a pro.

These training sessions can include specific equipment recommendations, to background design (via green screen), set design, and other recommendations. These simple and practical tools will help you feel comfortable, confident, and professional in front of a webcam.

Please remember, for the foreseeable future, streaming video and produced film presentations will be your primary point of contact with employees, customers, and prospects.


Do you have previously recorded video (from cameras, smartphones, Zoom recordings)? You will probably want a creative and experienced editor to craft your original footage into an effective presentation. You’ve found the source that can end your frustration, TotalPicture Media.


Everyone is a podcaster these days. Although it seems relatively simple to record and upload an MP3 audio file, producing a professional podcast requires the right equipment and post-production expertise. To build an audience you need great content and professional audio quality. If your company is involved in HR tech, Talent Acquisition, Staffing, Learning & Development, and related services, we have both technical competence but industry knowledge to help you publish a professional podcast. Why would you want to promote anything less?

Since 2005, Peter Clayton has been creating podcasts for TotalPicture Media and select clients. Click on our podcast link and have a listen.  We can also get you up to speed with your podcast by editing and optimizing your production for global distribution. We will include adding your transcript and graphics to the id3 container.


Peter Clayton

Like most of you, my business, TotalPicture Media had to pivot dramatically to adapt to the new reality. From producing videos at many of the most prestigious and popular live conferences and events — UNLEASH, WOBI, TATech, ERE, SourceCon, EBrand Con, SHRM, NeuroLeadership Summit, Fortune Leadership Forum, HRO Forum  — to creating content via Zoom.

Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for some degree of normality to return is not an option. No one knows when in-person conferences and events will return. When in-person anything will return. Video is a proven, effective tool for selling, marketing, influencing, motivating, inspiring, communicating. And right now, Video Rules

The volume of video media is expanding exponentially. On YouTube, more than 700,000 hours of video is uploaded every day. Customers and prospects are consuming more video than ever. Therefore,  it’s more important than ever to create and promote a constant stream of high-quality video content to stay visible and relevant.

That’s where TotalPicture Media can help…

Check out our video portfolio and see for yourself. If you are interested in creating content that gets results, schedule a free consultation with me.

Here’s what John Sumser, Lead Analyst, HRExaminer had to say about the importance of video in a recent HR Tech Weekly Podcast.

“Where we are right now with video is where we were with PCs in 1980. If you want to have a vibrant career, whatever your discipline, you need to deliver the best video of anybody around you. And people who pay attention to the new normal and start delivering high-quality video —  and start working on maintaining the quality of video production are going to have better careers than people who don’t. So that’s the first thing. We’re just at the beginning of the video era and stand-out videos are going to be the dominant reason that people get ahead in the next five years. It’s going to be astonishing to see what people do, and it’s going to happen very quickly; so, this time next year, we’ll be talking about production techniques that we don’t even understand yet, and everybody will be talking about.” John Sumser.