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College During Covid An Interview With Steven Rothberg

Let's Face it: There's Nothing Normal About this "New Normal" I feel like we’re living in one very long episode of Breaking Bad. Someone on Twitter wrote, “Canada is a nice, friendly, country living on top of a meth lab.” For many groups,…
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How to Hire a VP of Sales

“Today’s business environment is unforgiving for organizations trying to merely stay the course. New technologies are disrupting every industry across the globe. Companies that react quickly will thrive, while those that resist or react…
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How Social Networking Maximizes Referrals: Anne Berkowitch, CEO SelectMinds

Once Upon a Time* There was an Awesome Company (and Client) Called Select Minds. A Private Alumni Network. Here's an Encore Podcast with the founder and CEO, Anne Berkowitch *Select Minds was acquired by Oracle in 2012. I decided to republish…

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In August, SmartRecruiters Posted Its Best First-Half Results in History. In the Middle of a Pandemic.

"What Inspires Me is the World that Emerges on the Other Side." Welcome to a CEO Insights edition of the TotalPicture Podcast. I’m Peter Clayton, and I’m excited to have back on TotalPicture, the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters,…
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Big Data Rules HR: Andrew Gadomski Aspen Analytics WTF2020

“Ego checking is not exactly a LinkedIn registered skill.” Peter Clayton's Intro: Welcome to another edition of TotalPicture Media's WTF 2020, An Influencers’ Guide to Navigating the Shit Show. Today our virtual WTF 2020 Tour Bus takes…
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WTF 2020 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist at SeekOut, Jackye Clayton Joins the Virtual Bus Tour

Some Companies are Doing More To Address Diversity and Inclusion Than Just Talking About it. Welcome to another edition of WTF 2020. AN INFLUENCERS’ GUIDE TO NAVIGATING THE SHIT SHOW. My name is Peter Clayton. Thank you for tuning in. So,…
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Katrina Kibben, WTF 2020 From the Perspective of an Expert Job Ad Writer

Katrina Kibben, Three Ears Media, Joins the WTF 2020 Tour Bus. We’re finally getting some girl power on WTF 2020 AN INFLUENCERS’ GUIDE TO NAVIGATING THE SHIT SHOW. I'm Peter Clayton and I’m delighted to have Zooming with me Katrina…
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Roopesh Nair

Roopesh Nair President & CEO at Symphony Talent: AI, talent Acquisition, Working with Google. Symphony Talent is a global leader in transforming employer brand experiences through talent marketing software and services. Its talent marketing…
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