The Job Board Doctor Is In: Jeff Dicky-Chasins and the 2020 Global Recruiting Site Trends Survey

Hi, this is Peter Clayton. Job boards are very much alive — and on this Industry Insider edition of TotalPicture Media we’ll check in on the health of job boards with the job board doctor, Jeff Dicky-Chasins, a veteran of the job board publishing and e-learning industries. Jeff was the original marketing director for growing it from $7 million to $65+ million in three years. He has worked with over 550 job boards and HR-related sites over the past 20 years, in almost every sector, including finance, technology, education, health care, sales and marketing, energy, and specific geographic regions. If you’re at all involved in job boards or have attended TAtech, ERE, and other industry trade shows and conferences (remember them?) chances are you know Jeff and have seen him speak.

Jeff has just released the 2020 Global Recruiting Site Trends Survey Results, which brings him back to TotalPicture Media.


  • Jeff, it’s great to see you again please give us some background on the survey
  • Generally speaking, what impact has COVID-19 had on job boards?
  • Are you seeing this same level of disruption in job boards as TA tech?
  • Does indeed rule?
  • How is this impacting programmatic?
  • Maybe we should explain what programmatic is!
  • What has been the largest source of revenue for job boards this year?
  • How has the annual revenue changed from prior years?
  • How have job boards pivoted as a result of COVID-19?
  • How are job boards generating traffic?
  • What plans do they have for marketing in 2021?
  • How has the trend in remote workers impacted job boards?
  • Generally speaking, are things beginning to turn around in a more positive direction?
  • Did anything surprise you in the 2020 survey?
  • Finally, what were some of the key findings that we haven’t currently touched on?
  • What advice would you have for folks looking for a job in this crazy market?
  • How can our viewers get in touch with you?



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