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Andrew Gadomski Chief Advisor and Founder of Aspen Advisors

Andrew talks CandEs. Why he became a Platinum Sponsor

Andrew Gadomski is the Northeast Advisor and Founder of Aspen Advisors. A truly unique consultancy firm, Aspen is the first staffing organization to focus purely on staffing strategies management, enabling its clients and partners to focus on execution of open positions. He has been an active council member of The Candidate Experience Awards -- The CandEs, and this year became a Platinum Sponsor. In this short video, Andrew explains his involvement in the Awards program, and its importance to HR, recruiting and staffing. Be sure to listen to Peter Clayton's TotalPicture Radio interview with Andrew regarding Big Data.

In the four years The CandEs have been in existence, the non-profit, 501-C3 has done much to raise awareness, encouraging companies to spend more time and effort improving the candidate experience. Learn more at