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Finding Your Influencers - Featuring Mark Willaman

HRMarketer Develops a "Cool Tool" to help vendors and event producers

In this video, Mark Willaman, founder and CEO of HRMarketer walks us through an example of how a Learning & Development company used the new Events feature of HRMarketer to qickly get up-to-speed and gain a competitive advantage on their competitors at HR technology events and conferences. Take a look. Pretty amazing stuff!

Challenge: A Learning and Development (L&D) company wanted to know what conferences to attend and apply for speaking at. They also wanted a short list of L&D influencers speaking.

HRMarketers Solution:

1. We used Insight to quickly get a list of L&D influencers.
2. We entered the Twitter ID's for a handful of these L&D influencers into our new Event Engagement feature to see what conferences they engaged with the past 12 months. We got about 20 events.
3. The list even surprised us because we assumed we knew the learning space and the events. Now the L&D vendor knows what events to attend and what events to apply for speaking at. This entire exercise took us about 10 minutes.
4. Next, we then ran a report for each of these events to identify all the people that engaged with each event. The client could use this information to grow their network (follow them) and engage with selected people by sharing their content, etc.
5.Event organizers can also use this info because they can get a list of everyone that engaged with these 20 L&D events and instantly have a list of people to target for their next L&D event. You can repeat this same exercise for any HR market segment (HR tech, comp benefits, L&D, etc).
Video produced by Peter Clayton,