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Kathryn Minshew - Integration of HRIS Systems for Recruiting

Produced & Directed by Peter Clayton at UNLEASH America

As CEO & Founder at The Muse Kathryn Minshew spends every day helping create the future of work. For individuals, this means helping over 50M people use The Muse to navigate their careers.

"For companies, we help them tell a more authentic, data-driven employer story, and showcase the unique employee experiences and values that make them special. Ultimately, the goal is to help both sides find the right fit." Videos produced by TotalPicture Media at UNLEASH America sponsored by PeopleSpheres 


Kathryn Minshew - Integration of HRIS Systems for Recruiting from Peter Clayton on Vimeo.

"I think the more that we can start to connect the data and the experiences between all of the disparate HR and talent systems the better we'll be able to provide a single individual with the best experience end-to-end. And I think that is important. Unfortunately I don't think that integration has been a priority for some folks in the industry. I know when The Muse was looking at various applicant tracking system integrations we found some companies that were really great to work with and willing to work with. We had another one say pay us fifteen thousand dollars and wait six months and we'll decide if we might consider integrating and you know for a small company it's a non-trivial amount of money and a non-trivial amount of time. And I think that as an industry we need to commit to changing it."